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What do you get if you port Jetpac from the Spectrum to the Atari 8-bit...?

 Jason & Andy added 24/12/2007  score 6 
Malaika: Prehistoric Quest

Time to get out there and become a part of prehistory, guiding Malaika through scrolling levels.

 Shaun C. & Andy added 01/09/2008  score 6 

A "simple" test of memory, put the shapes back as they appear in the preview screen.

 Andy & Paul added 09/08/2004  score 6 
Ms. Bulimia

So what happens when a Pac person eats too many dots? You might not want to know!

 Gordon & Mark added 01/05/2007  score 6 
Patrol in the Space

Take on the duties of an intergalactic patrolman in an uncharted sector of space.

 Jason added 27/01/2013  score 6 
Racked Off

G'day! Here's some high-speed mayhem from TND, cobbers. No cliched Australians, though...

 Doug & Gordon added 01/10/2007  score 6 
Robo Type

Blast nasties and collect power-ups on the Atari 8-bit.

 Jason added 09/09/2014  score 6 
Sewer Rat

There's nothing like a lovely bit of Wensleydale - unless it's abducted by aliens!

 Jason added 21/11/2010  score 6 

Negotiate through the Stronghold, working out how to retrieve the keys and get out safely.

 Andy & Paul added 01/09/2008  score 6 
Toxic Slime

Wear your eco-friendly hat and lay waste to the industrial complex - leaving a gloop trail as you go.

 Frank & Andy added 01/06/2008  score 6 
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