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Wakka wakka! Eating dots and being chased by ghosts, all in glorious ASCII.

 Gordon added 20/06/2011  score 7 
Pair Logic

A simple but quickly addictive "find the pair" game from MSXdev'05.

 Jeff & Dan added 24/12/2005  score 4 
Pamela The Zombie Hunter

Pamela The Zombie Hunter... perchance a homage to Buffy Summers and fiends...?

 Mark & Jason added 01/09/2007  score 4 

Save the brave paratroopers from becoming a shark's lunch!

 Frank added 27/01/2013  score 7 
Patrol in the Space

Take on the duties of an intergalactic patrolman in an uncharted sector of space.

 Jason added 27/01/2013  score 6 

Jonathan Cauldwell wins brownie points for helping frogs across roads... in BASIC.

 Jason & Gordon added 04/08/2007  score 4 

A previously overlooked coin-op conversion for the VIC; silk purse or sow's ear?

 Frank added 09/09/2014  score 8 
Pulse Blade

Take a modern blaster and add some early NES graphics... voila, Pulse Blade!

 Jason added 13/06/2010  score 7 

A new twist on the classic Breakout variant, the bat's a bat but the ball is a line!

 Paul & Jason added 28/11/2004  score 7 

Try to control the bouncing ball to demolish the bricks, one colour at a time.

 Jeff & Jason added 11/03/2006  score 9 
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