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Ocean Detox (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 25 Oct 2010

The bottom of the ocean is an absolute mess, littered with barrels of waste that only a lone submarine, armed with depth charges and a limited supply of torpedoes, can destroy. Ocean Detox plays like an enhanced version of classic bomb-the-buildings game Blitz but set under water and with power-ups available. And yes, this game was also an entrant into the 2010 ABBUC software competition where it was awarded the first position.

  • External link:   Ocean Detox thread at Atari Age
  • News source:  Atari Age

Gwobbly Strikes Back (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 25 Oct 2010

Jason Kendall's Gwobbly is off on another adventure. Gwobbly Strikes Back is, as with its predecessor, a platform game where the Rings of Cwaddilor need to be collected in order to escape the clutches of the despicable Emperor Nyorb. Gwobbly Strikes Back was released for the 2010 ABBUC software competition, where it took last place.

  • External link:   Gwobbly website
  • News source:  Atari Age

H3x0r Deluxe (Atari 8-bit) released :: posted by Jason :: 25 Oct 2010

H3x0r Deluxe (which has a name that truly irritates spelling checkers) is a heavily beefed up remix of Matosimi's original H3x0r 1K (released a year back for the MiniGame competition) that competed in the 2010 ABBUC software competition, taking the third place. It's an action puzzle game of the Bejewelled "match three" ilk where the positioning of the coloured shapes makes it possible to join groups together either vertically or diagonally.

  • External link:   MatoSimi website
  • News source:  Atari Age

Kyd Cadet 2 (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 23 Oct 2010

Paul Jenkinson's Kyd Cadet 2 is, as the original Kyd Cadet was, a platform game for the Spectrum created with Jonathan Cauldwell's Arcade Game Designer. The story continues where the first instalment left off as Kyd Cadet blasts off from the mining world he'd been stranded on and gets on with his original mission of rescuing a kidnapped dignitary called Pobbleflu. Like y'do.

  • External link:   World of Spectrum forum thread

Teodoro No Sabe Volar (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 19 Oct 2010

Teodoro No Sabe Volar (or Teodoro Can't Fly in English) is a platformer for the Spectrum developed by Retroworks; Teodoro wanted to be a soldier but, because that job was only open to those capable of flight, he was relegated to the job of court jester - now he's the only person left to raise the alarm at the King's behest to warn others of the invasion that has decimated the army.

  • External link:   Retroworks

UWOL: Quest For Money (C264) released :: posted by Jason :: 15 Oct 2010

Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous now - I've just finished writing one news item about a Mojon Twins game and another turns up! At least this one is a little different because it's not on the Amstrad though, instead that nice little rotund chap Uwol has been converted by Kichy of the Assassins to the Commodore 264 series. The Quest for Money continues...

  • External link:   Plus/4 World

Sir Abadol (Amstrad CPC) released :: posted by Jason :: 15 Oct 2010

Arghh! What is it with those pesky Mojon Twins?! Yet another Amstrad CPC conversion, this time of Sir Abadol which, as with the Spectrum original, is a platform-based game that involves collecting brightly-coloured flowers from graveyards because they'll apparently help the titular knight recover his mighty sword.

  • External link:   The Mojon Twins

Break-Out! (VIC 20) released :: posted by Jason :: 14 Oct 2010

VIC 20 programming machine Robert Hurst has been busy once more, spending a surprisingly short ten hours knocking together a brand new arcade-inspired game. The interestingly punctuated Break-Out! is, rather unsurprisingly, a clone of Atari's Breakout - it requires an 8K expanded VIC and will allow one or two players to either share a joystick or use a paddle each to batter a brightly-coloured wall.

  • External link:   Denial thread

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