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Wap-niak 2014 releases :: posted by Jason :: 15 Sep 2014

Last weekend in Warsaw, Poland the 2014 iteration of the Wap-niak party was held and five 8-bit games were released, one on the Spectrum and four for the Atari 8-bit. The Spectrum game is Archeomania, an action puzzle game based on the coin-op Tetris Plus with a storyline about archaeologists.

Archeomania for the Spectrum

On the Atari the games are Biedny Pies Antoni 2 which is a two player game where one person is a dog leaving... erm, a brown trail across the carpet whilst the other cleans it up, Russian Roulette which does what it says on the tin, a one button, fast-paced maze game called SpeedMaza and SubChase, a simple but cute little shoot 'em up.

The games can be grabbed from the World Of Spectrum and Atari Age forum threads.

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