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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 27 Jan 2013

As promised at the start of the year, Oldschool Gaming is back on the road with no less than six new reviews added for this first update of 2013.

This time we've taken a look at platformer The Wicked Father for the Atari 2600 (which offers what has to be one of the most morally questionable back stories we've ever heard), a simple dodge 'em up called Patrol In The Space for the Atari 8-bit and the VIC 20 gets a decent rendition of Tetris called Tetris+ and a conversion of the Game & Watch title Parachute.

Finally, there's a couple of shoot 'em ups; R-Type 128 for the Amstrad CPC (a remake of the seminal Irem coin-op which is superior to the official Electric Dreams conversion) and the hardcore SuperCPU-specific Metal Dust for the C64, which is now available for everybody to play via the SuperCPU emulation being incorporated into VICE.

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