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RGCD 16K Compo releases :: posted by Jason :: 04 Dec 2011

Ah gawd... we can't cover all of the RGCD 16K cartridge competition's releases one at a time because there's eleven of 'em so here's one post talking about the lot; the releases are Blok Copy (a block shuffling puzzle game), C64anabalt (the other conversion of Canabalt we mentioned previously), Fairy Well (an action collect 'em up with a huge play area), Fortress of Narzod (the Vextrex blaster converted to the C64), Get Em (fast-paced shooty maze action), Jars' Revenge (a conversion of Yar's Revenge), Panic Analogue (paddle-controlled extension of Kaboom!), Rong (a Pong clone), Space Lords (Warlords with beefed up graphics), The Mollusk (bi-directional scrolling with an underwater theme) and Woolly Jumper (a sheep 'em up!).

  • External link:   16K releases at RGCD

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