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New reviews added :: posted by Jason :: 15 Aug 2010

It's Oldschool Gaming update time once more and there are zombies and spaceships - sounds like a party! The zombies come in the form of the slightly long-winded Invasion Of The Zombie Monsters by Relevo Videogames (the developers of British Bob for the MSX) and they're spread evenly over the Spectrum and MSX... but it's far less dubious than it might sound, it's just the same game on two machines really!

As for the spaceships, they're both horizontally scrolling and extremely indie; Ifrit is a quite literally small but nicely formed bit of Japanese blasting that'll be celebrating its seventh birthday soon, whilst 2010 release Hydorah is a Spanish behemoth that has been trying to trace its ancestry back to the coin-ops of the 1980's.

Thinking about it, the indie section could possibly do with some games that aren't shoot 'em ups!

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