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16K Cartridge Competition (C64) launched :: posted by Jason :: 18 May 2011

Over at the recently relaunched RGCD there's a competition brewing; James has got something of a fetish about cartridge-based games for the C64 and has started a competition to promote a little development! There are rules and so forth over at the blog (which should be moving to the main RGCD domain soon) but the basics are that entries have to run from a 16K cartridge and the deadline for entries is midnight GMT on the 30th November 2011.

The judging panel isn't finalised yet, but at the moment it includes Enthusi/Onslaught, RGCD's James "Heavy Stylus" Monkman, Mat "Mayhem" Allen and that berk who runs Oldschool Gaming.

  • External link:   RGCD

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