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Cheril Perils (Spectrum) released :: posted by Jason :: 23 Jul 2010

There's a new Mojon Twins game for the Spectrum (and thank goodness for that, we were all starting to get worried because they hadn't released anything recently!) and it probably won't come as a surprise that it's a platformer; Cheril Perils sees the titular lead character trapped in a town which, due to a failed experiment involving a virus that makes people beautiful and the previous contents of a tanker truck, infested with zombies.

Cheril's only chance for escape is going to do a Shaun of the Dead and wipe out the former townsfolk because killing sixty brain-eating creatures of the night will prompt the local authorities to move the boulders blocking the gate in the city walls. And stop staring at me like that, I don't make this stuff up y'know!

  • External link:   Mojon Twins website

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